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List of products by manufacturer BioAroma

100% natural herb cosmetics, with no chemical preservatives!

BioAroma is a company inspired from the history and heritage of Crete.

Having utilized pure ingredients and raw materials, produced from a vertical integrated production system, as well as combining traditional and new technology methods, the company offers a distinctive wide range of products.

BioAroma handmade cosmetics are so natural..that you could eat them! 

The history of BioAroma in the field of natural cosmetics

Bioaroma Herbal products: From the the present and from the field…to your home

Crete has been recognized as a botanical paradise because of its optimal climatic conditions and the quality of the earth. This herbal abundance was discovered over 4.500 years ago by the ancient Minoan Civilization of Crete. Minoans were the first cosmetic producers to create herbal creams, ointments, oils and remedies that they would offer to royalty and export to neighboring lands. 

Bioaroma is an inspiration from the vast history and heritage that surrounds the land of Crete. 

We have developed 100% natural herbal cosmetics based on research and archaeological finds that have been past down from generation to generation. Our aim is to take the bounty from the earth we cultivate, together with the traditions to our past and offer a handmade product with the distinct identity. 

The natural raw materials and an abundance of the organic treasures Crete’s earth produces include-olive oi, beeswax, sage, dittany, labdanum gum…to name a few. These ingredients have inspired a range of products which offer a holistic approach to overall wellness. Our ingredients are utilized in a vertical integration of production, based on traditional methods combined with new technology-all this in order to maintain quality control and safety. No chemical preservatives, and so natural… that you can eat them.

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