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List of products by manufacturer Cretan Essence

A story of memories, of fragrances, of botanic treasures, of ancient secrets of beauty, the « Cretan Miracle ».

A unique cosmetic range  using exceptional organic ingredients directly from Crete, whose  biological and therapeutic action is scientifically proven, promoting rejuvenation, well-being, balance and protection to the skin. Give to your skin  the benefits of tradition,  the purity of the plant ingredients  and the scent of the island.

The strict selection of  raw materials, the optimum natural formulas put together following the specifications of certified organic products, garantee the quality, the effectiveness and the safety of these products.

Active extracts of herbs, flowers, vegetables, fruits and seeds, examples of the rich biodiversity of the region, and honey, combined with virgin organic olive oil and olive leaf extracts, highly concentrated in antioxidants and nutrients, are used in our products.

Olive oil, a real elixir of health and longevity since Minoan times and up until today , called "liquid gold" by Homer and "the great healer" according to Hippocrates, is the essential element of the famous Cretan Diet, a reference for a balanced nutritional model.


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