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“This land is blessed ”family Karachanidis’ great-grandfather used to say, talking about the rich and fertile Laconia land, when in 1930,coming to Greece from Kaukasus ,arrived there and started the olive oil trade with great success. Today, almost 100 years later, Karachanidis family keeps on his brilliant business career deservedly, talking always with gratitude about the sacred land of Sparta, recognising its unique value, through a bidirectional relationship of affection and care. The same relationship that the 4th generation of Karachanidis family keeps on deservedly through the new company SpartaGoods.

Having multiannual experience in the field of food, Karachanidis family, famous all over the world for the excellent quality of its products and also for the total satisfaction that offers to the needs of the buying public, creates the SpartaGoods company , promoting to Greece and all over the world extra virgin olive oil, olives and also olive oil products.

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