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  • essence studio nails nail polish corrector pen

    Αυτή την άνοιξη, τα επιτυχημένα nail care pens είναι διαθέσιμα με ανανεωμένο σχεδιασμό και βελτιωμένη σύνθεση. Το nail polish corrector pen σας επιτρέπει να διορθώσετε με ακρίβεια τυχόν ατέλειες στο μανικιούρ σας και κυκλοφορεί με τρεις εφεδρικές άκρες.

    3,39 €
  • essence studio nails nail preparation buffer

    Πεταλούδα… το νέο nail preparation buffer είναι το μυστικό για να πετύχετε εξαιρετικά λαμπερά στιλ μανικιούρ. Χρησιμοποιείστε τη μια πλευρά του buffer για να δώσετε το επιθυμητό σχήμα στα νύχια σας και στη συνέχεια χρησιμοποιείστε την άλλη πλευρά για να τα λειάνετε. Η ματ και λεία επιφάνεια των νυχιών που προκύπτει μετά τη χρήση του buffer, κάνει το...

    2,49 €
  • essence studio nails pro white care

    Ένα νέο προϊόν προστίθεται στην επιτυχημένη σειρά pro white . Το νέο pro white care περιέχει λευκό τσάι και φύκια, τα οποία είναι γνωστά για τις καταπραϋντικές τους ιδιότητες. Τα νύχια σας θα είναι εμφανώς πιο λευκά και πιο περιποιημένα.

    2,29 €
  • essence studio nails jelly pearls hydrating gel

    vitamin for your nails… the moisturizing care gel with a fruity scent repairs stressed nails. massage the moisturizing nail care gel with pro-vitamin B5 to release the almond oil encapsulated in the pearls. this awesome care gel absorbs really fast and won’t leave behind an oily film on your nails.

    2,29 €
  • essence quick & easy sponge nail polish remover

    The practical, acetone-free “dip-in” nail polish remover with an integrated black sponge removes nail polish easily without the need for a cotton pad. Particularly cool: when removing polish from one nail, the other nails are not affected – this way, you can fix little mishaps in a flash!

    3,79 €
  • essence studio nails pro white rose

    Fast and totally easy: a perfect french manicure look in ros?. With the fast-drying nail whitener and integrated anti-yellow formula, creating a perfect french manicure is as easy as child’s play

    2,29 €
  • essence studio nails pro white nail hardener
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    essence studio nails pro white nail hardener

    Hard, harder, pro white nail hardener – this nail hardener is the way to go. The result: stronger, whiter nails! How? It’s simple: the hardening nail polish strengthens your nails and promotes nail growth. It also contains an anti-yellow formula to naturally lighten your nails and provides a high-shine finish.

    2,29 €
  • essence studio nails pro white effect

    Radiant, white nails with a natural look – the fast-drying nail polish with a special anti-yellow formula lightens natural nails as well as artificial nails to give them a gorgeous and long-lasting shine.

    2,29 €
  • essence nail cuticle softener pencil 5ml

    The pencil gently removes hangnails. Simply apply, leave on for a few moments and then push cuticles back with the special lid. Suitable for all nail types.

    3,19 €
  • essence studio nails fix it nail glue

    Fix it! A knight in shining armor: fix it! Nail glue. It glues and repairs all kinds of torn nails to save the day! Also ideal for decorating your nails.

    2,89 €
  • essence studio nails anti-split nail sealer

    Chipped, brittle nails? Banished from now on! The fast-drying anti-split nail sealer is the first stop when you're looking for effective protection for brittle nails. It can be used on its own or as a base coat and protects your nails right to the tips. For gorgeous nails all-round.

    2,29 €
  • essence studio nails hardening nail base

    Every girl dreams of strong nails and a long-lasting manicure! Here comes the secret weapon – for both! The hardening nail base is a glossy base coat that strengthens your nails. It offers protection from discolouration, evens out irregularities and also ensures perfect, long-lasting nail polish results.

    2,29 €
  • essence studio nails xxl nail thickener

    A gel finish without visiting a nail salon – the XXL thickener makes it possible. The fast-drying base coat hardens your nails with its special acrylic formula. The results: instantly and visibly stronger nails with a great finish. It also optimizes the durability and shine of colour nail polish.

    2,29 €
  • essence studio nails ultra gloss nail shine 8ml

    Let it shine… the ultra gloss nail shine gives your nails an ultra glossy finish and enhances the durability of the nail polish applied underneath. A glossy top coat for every nail polish colour.

    2,49 €
  • essence nail white pencil

    The essence nailwhite pencil makes nails look naturally white and beautiful! The nail tips are coloured-in from below with the moistened tip of the pencil. For all nail types.

    1,69 €

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