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  • Catrice Quick 'N Easy Brush Cleanser Pot 010 It's Magic! 1pc

    It's Magic!Cleaning of make-up brushes Suitable for powder textures Use without water and soap VeganBrush cleaning - quick and easy! The specially structured sponge frees make-up brushes from powder textures without the need for soap and water.Beauty Tip When using a make-up brush daily, make-up residues and bacteria always remain in the...

    4,59 €
  • Catrice Take All Off Anti-Pollution Micellar Oil-in-Water...

    Flower Power2-phase cleanser with micellar technology: the Take All Off – Anti-Pollution Micellar Oil-in-Water Remover removes waterproof eye make-up as well as particles of dirt quickly and thoroughly, and is especially mild on the skin. With an instant effect. Contains plant extracts from cherry blossoms and white peonies.

    3,99 €
  • essence the sili helpers 03 makeup protector essence the sili helpers 03 makeup protector
    essence the sili helpers 03 makeup protector

    makeup protector

    1,37 € 2,29 € -40%
  • essence the sili helpers 01 glitter & pigment applicator
    Out of stock
    essence the sili helpers 01 glitter & pigment applicator

    glitter & pigment applicator

    1,13 € 1,89 € -40%
  • Catrice Ψαλίδι Βλεφαρίδων

    This premium Lash Curler offers extraordinary curl and separation in a matter of seconds. Position the open curler on the upper lashline, close it and press together carefully for approx. 10 seconds. The integrated, removable comb fans out the lashes to visibly create even more density and volume. Next, apply mascara. Comes with two replacement pads.

    4,59 €
  • essence eyebrow brush 1pcs

    δημιουργήστε πλαίσιο. το γωνιακό βουρτσάκι φρυδιών είναι ιδανικό για την εφαρμογή διαφόρων υφών όπως τζελ ή πούδρα για τα φρύδια.

    1,89 €
  • Catrice Duo Eyeliner Brush Catrice Duo Eyeliner Brush
    Catrice Duo Eyeliner Brush

    This Duo Eyeliner Brush is a true all-rounder and is ideal for gel and cake eyeliner as well as cream eyeshadows. From a classical daytime look to a grand, sparkling appearance in the evening: the short and thick synthetic brush hair – soft and rounded on one end, accurate and straight on the other – works like a pro. Comes in a zipper pouch.

    1,91 € 3,19 € -40%
  • Catrice Lash Applicator

    Professional beauty tools for accurate results are in demand more than ever. This applicator has a unique design and a soft-touch finish that makes it easier to apply false lashes. This way, precision work is actually fun.

    4,59 €
  • Catrice Lash Glue 010

    The Lash Glue keeps false lashes in place for hours. The slanted applicator allows a particularly accurate application of the lash glue. No unwanted dripping and without annoying glue residues when you remove the false lashes.

    3,39 €
  • essence eyelash curler

    curly lashes! the eyelash curler in a pretty design ensures a gorgeous look even before you apply your favorite mascara. perfectly curled lashes are no longer a problem thanks to the simple handling! the soft silicone pad prevents fine lashes from breaking. includes a spare silicone pad.

    3,59 €
  • essence giant eyeshadow applicator essence giant eyeshadow applicator
    essence giant eyeshadow applicator

    Γιγάντιο… το απαλό, μεγάλο σφουγγαράκι του απλικατέρ επιτρέπει την ομαλή εφαρμογή της σκιάς ματιών σε ακόμα μεγαλύτερη επιφάνεια πάνω στα βλέφαρα. Χάρη στο ιδιαίτερο σχήμα του, μπορείτε να απλώσετε την αγαπημένη σας σκιά πανεύκολα σαν να χρησιμοποιούσατε το δάχτυλό σας. Οι λεπτές πλευρές του σφουγγαριού μπορούν να χρησιμοποιηθούν για μια πιο ακριβή...

    1,37 € 2,29 € -40%
  • essence eye blender brush

    αναμίξτε το! αυτό το πινέλο μίξης σκιών δημιουργεί τέλειο στυλ μακιγιαζ. οι πολύ μαλακές και μακριές τρίχες είναι ιδανικές για ανάμιξη παρά για την εφαρμογή των σκιών ματιών.

    1,89 €
  • Azadé Mixt Range Ψαλίδι βλεφαρίδων

    Αποκτήστε ακαταμάχητες βλεφαρίδες μέσα σε λίγα δευτερόλεπτα με αυτό το εύχρηστο ψαλίδι βλεφαρίδων AZADé που τους χαρίζει υπέροχες καμπύλες χωρίς να τις τσακίζει. Χρησιμοποιείστε το πριν τη μάσκαρα.

    3,52 €
  • Azadé Mixt Range Mini eyelash curler

    Μικρό και ελαφρύ ψαλιδάκι βλεφαρίδων με πλαστική λαβή και λαστιχένια επιφάνεια που γυρίζει τις βλεφαρίδες. Τέλειο για την γυναικεία τσάντας. Για ακαταμάχητες βλεφαρίδες.

    2,62 €
  • Azadé Mixt Range Τσιμπιδάκι φρυδιών μυτερό

    Δημιουργήστε καλοσχηματισμένα φρύδια χρησιμοποιώντας τσιμπιδάκια φρυδιών AZADé με μυτερή άκρη. Το τσιμπιδάκι με την μυτερή άκρη είναι για κινήσεις ακριβείας και για τις μικροσκοπικές τρίχες.

    3,01 €
  • Azadé Mixt Range Τσιμπιδάκι φρυδιών κλασσικό

    Δημιουργήστε καλοσχηματισμένα φρύδια χρησιμοποιώντας το τσιμπιδάκι φρυδιών AZADé με πλάγια άκρη. Το τσιμπιδάκι με την πλάγια άκρη χρησιμοποιείται για να δίνει σχήμα αφαιρώντας τις μακριές και χοντρές τρίχες.

    3,01 €
  • Catrice Lash & Brow Designer - Shaping & Conditioning Gel

    Transparent and fast-drying, pampering with panthenol ingredients, long-lasting and with a natural finish –the Lash&Brow Designer brings your lashes and brows into top shape in a flash. Or put another way: it delivers a tailor-made framework for skilful eye make-up.

    3,39 €
  • Catrice Eyeshadow Sponge Applicator

    For perfect moments – the Sponge Applicator set contains three pleasantly soft sponge applicators for the ideal application of cream or powder eyeshadows. Now it’s easy to create the latest eyeshadow trends. Use the broad end for a smooth eyeshadow application with high coverage and then use the narrow end to outline your eyes.

    2,29 €
  • essence eyebrow tweezer

    Now stubborn eyebrows no longer stand a chance! The tweezers with a cool color and pop-art design have slanted edges so you can capture each hair accurately. Comes in a practical pouch with a trendy card insert.

    2,49 €
  • essence eyeshadow brush

    The expert for professional eye make-up: the eyeshadow brush has ultra-soft bristles so that you can apply just the right amount of powder eyeshadow. Available in a practical pouch with a trendy and modern design.

    1,69 €
  • Azadé Powder Brush

    Powder brush has high hair density and rounded tip. Apply powder all over your face with soft circular moves. Attention prior of using tap of the excess powder. Easy to use can be also used for terracotta blush all over your face. Tip: Buff the powder on to your face especially on the T territory (forehead, nose, and cheekbone). 

    8,97 €
  • Azadé Eyeshadow Brush Small

    Base shadow brush is the ideal brush that blends several layers of colors. Professional brush specially designed for hard work with soft hair feeling and wooden handle.

    5,03 €
  • Azadé Blush Brush

    Oval shaped blush brush with thick hair for perfect contouring of your cheeks. Prior of using, tap of the excess of blush powder. Its thickness is responsible for a stronger blush effect. For more specialized result with cuts combine the use of the angled brush.

    8,97 €

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