Catrice Prisma Chrome Lipstick 110 Rebellious Pink Expand

Catrice Prisma Chrome Lipstick 110 Rebellious Pink

Catrice Cosmetics




Rebellious Pink
Prismatic and metallic effects
Perfect opacity
Eight trend colours

Unearthly beauty! The Prisma Chrome Lipsticks enhance the lips with prismatic and metallic effects. Eight unique colours combine perfect coverage in just one application with a creamy texture. The lips feel soft and smooth and shine in various nude, violet, red or brown shades.

Beauty Tip
Metallic and prismatic effects are also extremely popular on the lips. Particularly important for dark shades in violet or brown: the lips should be well prepared. The lipstick will settle in any dry areas quickly - the result looks uneven and blotchy. Therefore, we recommend a gentle lip peeling in advance, the use of a primer and a colour-coordinated lip liner to optimise the durability. This way, the lipstick won't run and the colour looks smooth and intense.

5,69 €

Country of originItaly
UpdateSpring/Summer 19