Catrice Better Than Gold Baked Highlighter Palette 13.5g Expand

Catrice Better Than Gold Baked Highlighter Palette 13.5g

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Inspired by precious metals and iridescent pearls, the two CATRICE Highlighter Palettes provide the face and neckline with a delicate radiance. Based on the bestseller Light Up The Stars, each palette contains three harmoniously aligned baked highlighters in golden, rosé and platinum shades. Thanks to their luxurious silky texture, both Highlighter Palettes underline the individual radiance of the wearer - for naturally beautiful make-up with a soft glow.Beauty Tip Silky shimmering highlighters are a must for flawless make-up and a great complexion. The rule here is: less is more. Highlighter shouldn't be applied all over the face, but selectively and sparingly. In addition, the look will appear more natural if no more than three areas of the face are emphasized. Very important: softly blend the highlighter to create a natural glow.

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