Catrice Instashape Slim Legs Body Contour Roller - C01 30ml Zoom

Catrice Instashape Slim Legs Body Contour Roller - C01 30ml

Catrice Cosmetics




Contouring cream in a professional roll-on packaging for the whole body. Easy to use, the contouring cream with a matte finish ensures naturally defined results. Tantouring is a mixture of contouring and tanning – the ideal beauty solution for a summery beach body in no time and without going to the gym! Almost anything is possible, a flat looking stomach, a six-pack, slender knees, defined legs and much more. For perfect tantouring results, it’s best to exfoliate the body as the first step to remove small skin scales and make sure that the skin is smooth. Next, prepare the body with a light self-tanning lotion. Once the skin looks sun-kissed, it’s time for the third and most decisive step: work on the areas of the body that should visibly recede into the background. For example, apply the Contour Roller on the outside and inside of the legs to make the thighs look more slender. The results look natural and last significantly longer than conventional beauty tricks.

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