Brands There are 28 brands

  • Amalthia

    Products made with olive oil and pure natural ingredients originated from Crete.

    Carefully selected portfolio which satisfies the daily facial and body care needs of even the most demanding consumers.

  • Arôme Nature

    Wake your senses up with Arôme Nature.

    This new line tones up and nourishes your skin preparing it for every daily aggression. Its creamy texture leaves your skin with a perfume all day long.

    Arôme Nature, the benefits of nature for your body.

  • azadé

    Having already completed 15 successful years in the area of trends, from fashion to beauty, brand azadé aims to identify those elements that will transform every woman's look and exalt their style. Our basic philosophy is to illuminate all aspects of modern female fashion and to highlight the essence of elegance with top quality products, always at great prices.

  • Beverly Hills Formula

    Beverly Hills Formula provides premium quality oral care products for the oral health and beauty sector

    Founded in 1992 in the heart of Beverly Hills, California, USA, Beverly Hills Formula provides premium quality oral care products for the oral health and beauty sector, through their range of whitening toothpastes, mouthwashes and oral care products, to help you achieve that all important “Hollywood” smile.

  • BioAroma

    100% natural herb cosmetics, with no chemical preservatives!

    BioAroma is a company inspired from the history and heritage of Crete.

    Having utilized pure ingredients and raw materials, produced from a vertical integrated production system, as well as combining traditional and new technology methods, the company offers a distinctive wide range of products.

    BioAroma handmade cosmetics are so natural..that you could eat them! 

  • Catrice Cosmetics

    CATRICE – the passion of playing with the ever-changing facets of beauty.

    The CATRICE brand

    A new dimension in the pure joy of life 
    CATRICE – the passion of playing with the ever-changing facets of beauty. Modern make-up collections based on unrivalled expertise in terms of innovation and trends. Exciting colours and looks inspired by the fashion capitals of the world, re-interpreted in a striking product range.

  • Cretan Essence

    A story of memories, of fragrances, of botanic treasures, of ancient secrets of beauty, the « Cretan Miracle ».

    A unique cosmetic range  using exceptional organic ingredients directly from Crete, whose  biological and therapeutic action is scientifically proven, promoting rejuvenation, well-being, balance and protection to the skin. Give to your skin  the benefits of tradition,  the purity of the plant ingredients  and the scent of the island.

  • Eolia Cosmetics

    “This land is blessed ”family Karachanidis’ great-grandfather used to say, talking about the rich and fertile Laconia land, when in 1930,coming to Greece from Kaukasus ,arrived there and started the olive oil trade with great success. Today, almost 100 years later, Karachanidis family keeps on his brilliant business career deservedly, talking always with gratitude about the sacred land of Sparta, recognising its unique value, through a bidirectional relationship of affection and care. The same relationship that the 4th generation of Karachanidis family keeps on deservedly through the new company SpartaGoods.

    Having multiannual experience in the field of food, Karachanidis family, famous all over the world for the excellent quality of its products and also for the total satisfaction that offers to the needs of the buying public, creates the SpartaGoods company , promoting to Greece and all over the world extra virgin olive oil, olives and also olive oil products.

  • Essence

    essence has since become europe's no.1 cosmetics brand and is sold in over 60 countries.

    Cosnova beauty launched on the german market in 2002, essence has since become europe's no.1(*) cosmetics brand and is sold in over 60 countries.

    The products are available in chemists, grocery stores, department stores, cosmetics outlets and fashion chains.

    (*) in units, source: Euromonitor International, 2012 

  • Milani Cosmetics

    Milani is designed for women who love to wear color. Milani's products allow women to explore and push their boundaries. Milani’s easy to use, high-end products, trend-setting and timeless colors are designed for you, a customer with unique needs.